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Top 10 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Savannah Ga

Top 10 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Savannah Ga

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Savannah, Georgia, has the perfect lavish, comfy, and pet-friendly hotels to facilitate all the visitors. The Savannah River borders the captivating city and mesmerises the guests with its serene and natural beauty. The beautiful destination is equally welcoming for the dogs. Whether you wish for sightseeing or an adventurous trip, Savannah offers all sorts of treats.

Nevertheless, the city attracts tourists with historical sites, lush green parks, musical spots, and world-class museums. In addition, the city has the topping of Spanish mosses of its unique kind. Moreover, the pet-friendly hotels in Savannah, GA, lessen your worries about your Doggy- Tommy next time you plan a romantic trip or a vacation to Savannah, Georgia.

Grab a pen and note down the Top 10 Best pet-friendly hotels in savannah, GA, to be happy and relaxed with your pets. Explore Our Site to get finest platfrom to hunt desired hotels.

Best Pet-friendly Hotels in Savannah GA

Hyatt Place Savannah Airport

Best Pet-friendly Hotels in Savannah GA: Hyatt Place Savannah Airport

Pack your bags for one of the luxurious hotels offering first-class amenities. It remains a preferable choice among the elite class for being the nearest spot to the Savannah International Airport. Moreover, the airport shuttle lets you arrive directly at the hotel without Hussle. You can enjoy the diverse buffet of splendid and delicious meals best among all the breakfast buffets served there.

You can avail the dining facilities, parking areas, and non-smoking rooms. Don’t worry; pay little to carry your furry pet inside. The fitness club, golf course, and swimming pool ensure the visitors’ health and wellbeing. Furthermore, the dining and front desk facilities are available 24 hours daily. Meeting banquet facilities offer a safe space for official conferences. However, Guests have to pay for the pets. So, you must pay additional charges to carry your pet during your hotel stay. 

Brice Hotel

Like the coquettish ingenue, the Sassy southern belle emerges from the back of Emmet Park. According to many guest reviews, the Brice hotel has the best perks for pets. You can bring in any pet regardless of its size and shape. They have incorporated the pet fees in the room fares. Be happy; you don’t need to pay even an extra buck for the poet beds, mats, and water bowls. Furthermore, you have the liberty to carry your well-behaved pet to the wine reception without any fear of rejection or disapproval. However, there is a caveat to sign in the waiver for assuring the coverage of any havoc the by the darling menagerie.

Bohemian Hotel 

Here comes a welcoming gesture at the Savannah Riverfront for you and your pooch. The pampered pooches stay happy in classic European style’s cultural vultures and warm tones. You are free to bring a pet under 18 kg or 40lbs only.

Moreover, the hotel charges a non-refundable fee of £113/ $150. Also, remember that you have to meet your doggo at the two nearby parks because you cannot carry it to the dine-in area to enjoy the Korean Tacos or signature cocktail (Aviator).  

Inn- West Liberty

These individually styled rooms offer a perfect time with your loving pet. The package of the penthouse suite, gilded mirrors, polished floors (wooden), and antique furniture fulfills all the ideas of the contemporary style.

You can bring your Rex or Oliver, but only if they weigh below 11kg/ 25lbs. Being a budget-friendly choice of £19/ $25 per night, they provide beds, bowls, and treats for your pets and enjoy the trip within your budget. Nevertheless, your beastie’s three-minute walk to the park is an extra favor.  

Liberty Landing

If you wish to get accommodation in Savannah’s heart, here you go with another bombastic choice of pet-friendly hotels in Savannah, GA, to accompany your furry pooch only. Admits the historical sites, you can avail all the modern tech facilities like free Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, and air conditioning and remain in touch with the world.

Your stay remains a home-like experience with the terrace, garden, and kitchen area. Enjoy all the historic sites with your four-legged friend in the picturesque scenery of Forsyth Park and River Street, where leashed dogs are allowed.  

Savannah Gateway- Red Roof Inn and Suites

The mid-range lodging is an ideal family-friendly hotel with plentiful amenities to make a tour trip with your family and pet memorable. You can enjoy the continental breakfast served daily with easy access through the highway to Savannah’s downtown.

On-site launderette, swimming pool, free parking, and cable TV are other worth mentioning attractions for the guests. Above all, the cooperative and friendly staff offers immense help, guidance, and advice to visiting nearby dog-friendly spots. 

Best Western Savannah

Historic District unfolds another pet-friendly hotel in Savannah, GA. It is near River Street and gives a serene atmosphere with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning facilities. You also got the refrigerators and coffee machines to enjoy your cup of coffee with your fluffy Fido.

Remain fit with their 24 hours fitness and an outdoor swimming (heated) area. However, you must pay extra fees to keep two dogs in a room. Make sure they are below 80 lbs.  

Perry Lane Hotel

Are you ready to give yourself a splendid treat of luxuries, utmost care, and love for your pet? Then undoubtedly, this hotel is an excellent choice.

The pet-friendly atmosphere let the pet parent remain carefree and pamper their pets with the facilities and high-quality service. Perry Lane hotel offers a restaurant, bar, and free bikes to amuse its guests. The hotel is a five-star rated pet-friendly hotel in Savannah, GA, with an ATM and room service. Moreover, you cannot ignore its 24 hours desk service, evening entertainment, and outdoor swimming area. 

Justice Inn Savannah

The historic atmosphere reminds the guests of the French Renaissance style. Being 210 meters distant from Forsyth Park and offering cheese and wine in the evening, homemade breakfast and daytime snacks make it a preferable choice for all the guests.

Bewildered in the rhythm of classical music and sipping your red wine (complimentary), you cannot miss its jacuzzi inside the hotel. Pay $50 daily to keep a pet of not more than 40lbs.  

Andaz Savannah

Hyatt brought this concept of a 4-star modern hotel in the Riverside District- Savannah’s heart. I strongly recommend Andaz Savannah for its newly refurbished areas, modern decor, free Wi-Fi, and on-site restaurants. You can stay fit and fine due to their fitness centers and swimming pools.

Carry your 50lbs one dog or 75 lbs. combined two dogs by paying some additional charges. Experience a peaceful and short walk with your Fido to all the nearby pet-friendly places like bars, shops, and restaurants on Broughton Street, City Market, and River Street.  

Final Verdict: Pet-Friendly Hotels Savannah Ga

To sum up, all the pet-friendly hotels in Savannah, GA, welcome your pooch. But you need to contact them to know the allowed sizes, different charges, and facilities for the dogs. In some hotels, you need to sign a waiver to assure the coverage of any wreck by your furry pet. However, if you don’t want a hole in your pocket, look for some hotels that have no poet fees or pet restrictions to give you a perfect time with your pet.

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