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Ultimate Guide to Pet Friendly Hotels and Motels: Explore the Best Destinations!

Ultimate Guide to Pet Friendly Hotels and Motels: Explore the Best Destinations!

Traveling solo can sometimes feel a bit lonely, especially when you’re single and it seems like love is in the air everywhere you look!

Picture yourself on a dreamy cruise ship under the stars. Sounds perfect, right? But it would be even better with some company!

However, if you’re more of a Taylor Swift type, taking her cat along for The Times shoot, you need to pack a list of pet-friendly destinations first.

Traveling with pets might not be easy on the wallet, but for those who cherish their furry friends more than anything else, shelling out an extra dollar is never a worry.

So, if you’re a fan of exploring with your pets, hunting for exotic hotels or motels that welcome dogs or cats, and dining at restaurants or bars that are happy to serve you and your adorable pets, then you’ve got some serious research!

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to kick-start your journey with a pet-friendly travel guide.

How To Plan A Pet-Friendly Trip?

Planning a pet-friendly trip requires some extra preparation and research, but don’t worry – it’s not as complex as it might seem.

Before getting into the details, let’s discuss the importance  of planning a pet-friendly trip.

The Importance Of Planning When Traveling With Pets

As important as your pets are to you, it’s essential to remember that not everyone shares the same sentiment.

While many hotels, such as Marriott or Hilton, may advertise themselves as pet-friendly, they may have specific guidelines or restrictions on pet size, breed, or behavior.

I was once traveling with my dog, and after a long drive, I stopped at a hotel that advertised itself as pet-friendly. However, it turned out the pets were only allowed in specific rooms away from other guests, which was inconvenient for me.

That was when I learned the importance of planning when traveling with pets. You can avoid any unpleasant surprises on your trip by researching and making reservations in advance.

Here’s why planning ahead is crucial when traveling with pets:

  1. Understanding Restrictions: Each establishment has its own set of rules. Some places might have breed or size restrictions, while others may limit the number of pets you can bring. Planning ahead allows you to avoid potential conflicts or disappointments upon arrival.
  2. Ensuring Comfort: Many ‘pet-friendly’ accommodations may not necessarily be comfortable for your pet. Some might confine your pet to an area or room lacking the necessary amenities. By researching and planning, you can ensure that your pet stays comfortable.
  3. Avoiding Health Risks: It’s important to know if the place you are visiting has any potential health risks for your pet, such as ticks, fleas, or certain plant species. It would be best to find out if any veterinary clinics are nearby in an emergency.
  4. Managing Costs: Some establishments may charge additional fees for pets. Knowing these costs in advance can help you budget your trip more accurately and avoid unexpected expenses.
  5. Saving Time: Planning a trip with a pet can be time-consuming. However, with proper planning, you can streamline the process, avoid last-minute hassles, and have more quality time to enjoy your vacation.

A Checklist For Pet Travel Essentials

Isn’t it true that the journey is as important as the destination, especially when you’re sharing the experience with your furry companion?

That’s why we’ve curated a comprehensive checklist to ensure your pet has everything they need for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

  1. Pet Carrier: A sturdy, well-ventilated carrier is essential. It should be large enough for your pet to stand, sit, turn around, and lie down in comfortably.
  2. Leash and Collar: These are vital for securing your pet during pit stops. Don’t forget to attach an ID tag with your contact information to the collar.
  3. Food and Water: Pack enough food for the trip and a few extra days. Collapsible travel bowls can save space. Also, remember to bring bottled water if clean water isn’t always accessible.
  4. Toys and Treats: Familiar toys can help comfort your pet during travel. Treats can be used as a reward for good behavior.
  5. Waste Bags: For cleaning up after your pet during bathroom breaks.
  6. First Aid Kit: Include pet-specific items such as tick removal tools, bandages, and any necessary medication.
  7. Health Records: Carry a copy of your pet’s vaccination records and any other relevant health information.
  8. Comfort Items: Familiar items like blankets or bedding can help soothe your pet in unfamiliar environments.
  9. Travel Litter Box: A portable litter box is a must-have if you’re traveling with a cat.
  10. Grooming Supplies: Depending on your pet’s needs, this might include brushes, pet wipes, or shampoo.

Remember, every pet is unique, so that this list may vary depending on your pet’s specific needs and preferences.

Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels

Finding pet-friendly accommodations is important after you have made sure your pet is well-prepared for the trip.

Some hotels may allow pets but have restrictions on size or breed, while others may charge additional fees. Researching and reserving a hotel suitable for you and your furry companion is essential.

What To Look For In Pet-Friendly Hotels?

When searching for pet-friendly hotels, some things to consider are:

  1. Pet Policies: Each hotel may have different pet rules and restrictions, such as weight limits or breed restrictions. Make sure to read the pet policy before booking.
  2. Amenities: Some hotels may offer pet-friendly amenities like designated walking areas or pet-sitting services. These can make your stay more enjoyable for both you and your pet.
  3. Location: Consider the hotel’s location for any planned activities or attractions to ensure it is convenient for you and your pet.
  4. Reviews: Read reviews from other pet owners who have stayed at the hotel to understand their experiences better and if they would recommend it.
  5. Pet Fees: Some pet-friendly hotels may charge additional fees for your furry friend, so make sure to factor this into your budget.
  6. Cleanliness: Look for hotels with a reputation for being clean and well-maintained, which is crucial when traveling with pets.
  7. Accessibility: If your pet has any special needs or requires certain accommodations, make sure to inquire with the hotel beforehand.

Planning and researching beforehand is important to ensure a pleasant and stress-free stay with your pet.

The 10 Best Pet-Friendly Hotels

Many hotel chains have recognized the importance of catering to pet owners and now offer pet-friendly accommodations. Some popular options include:

  1. Kimpton Hotels: This boutique hotel chain is known for its pet-friendly policies, including no size or breed restrictions and no extra fees.
  2. Motel 6: With over 1400 locations across North America, Motel 6 is a budget-friendly option that allows pets to stay for free.
  3. La Quinta Inn & Suites: This hotel chain has over 900 US, Canada, and Mexico locations that welcome pets with no additional fees.
  4. Marriott Hotels: Many Marriott locations allow pets with a one-time cleaning fee, making them a great choice for pet owners.
  5. Red Roof Inn: This budget-friendly hotel chain allows pets to stay for free at all of its locations across the US.
  6. Hilton Hotels & Resorts: Some Hilton hotels allow pets for an extra fee but also offer special amenities such as pet beds and welcome treats.
  7. Westin Hotels & Resorts: The Westin provides a pet-friendly program called “Westin Heavenly Dog Bed” with a luxurious dog bed and other amenities for your furry friend.
  8. Loews Hotels: Loews offers pet-friendly packages and amenities such as gourmet room service menus for pets and loaner beds, bowls, and toys.
  9. Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts: This luxury hotel chain allows pets at most of its locations, and some even offer pet-friendly spa treatments and dog walking services.
  10. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts: Fairmont offers a “Canine Ambassador Program” where guests can interact with resident dogs and bring their own pets for a fee.

Aside from these hotel chains, many independent hotels welcome pets. When searching for the best pet friendly motels, our search engine, allows you to filter your results by pet-friendly options. This way, you can find the perfect accommodation for both you and your furry companion without any hassle.

Exploring Pet-Friendly Activities

Who said humans should have all the fun? Our furry pals deserve a share of the action, too! I recommend visiting local pet-friendly activities when traveling with your pets. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Hiking and Nature Walks

Dogs love the outdoors, so why not take them on a hike or nature walk? Many national and state parks allow leashed dogs on their trails. Just make sure to follow park rules and regulations and always clean up after your pet.

Check out some of the most pet-friendly national parks in the US here.

Beach Days

If you’re traveling to a coastal destination, many beaches have designated dog-friendly areas where your pet can run and play in the sand and water. Just be sure to check the local rules for leash requirements and clean-up policies.

If you want to check out some of the best beach destinations for dogs, check out this list.

Winery Tours

Believe it or not, many wineries are pet-friendly! Some even have special events where dogs can join their owners on tours and tastings. This can be a fun and unique experience for both you and your furry friend.

Outdoor Cafes and Restaurants

Many cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating welcome pets. It’s a win-win situation – you get to enjoy a delicious meal while your pet gets some fresh air. Just be sure to check the restaurant’s pet policy beforehand to avoid any surprises.

Tips for Traveling with Pets Safely

Whoever said, “Dogs are man’s best friend,” surely knew what they discussed! Safe travels with pets are almost as essential as safe travels with people, so here are some general tips for a successful trip.

1. Plan Ahead

The key to a successful trip with your pet is planning. Research your destination and the route you’ll take. Look for pet-friendly accommodations and know the location of emergency vet clinics. Check the weather forecast so you can pack appropriate gear for your pet.

2. Keep Them Comfortable

Ensure your pet is comfortable during the journey. If you’re traveling by car, make frequent stops to let them stretch their legs and relieve themselves. If you’re flying, choose a comfortable carrier that meets airline regulations.

3. Pack Essentials

Pack a travel kit with essentials like food, water, leash, waste bags, grooming supplies, and any medications your pet might need. Don’t forget a favorite toy or blanket to give them a sense of familiarity and comfort.

4. Update Identification

Make sure your pet’s identification is updated. This includes tags on their collar and microchip information. It’s also a good idea to have a recent photo of your pet in case they get lost.

5. Maintain Routine

Try to maintain your pet’s feeding and exercise routine as much as possible. This can help minimize stress and keep them calm during the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Leave My Pet Alone In A Hotel Room?

Policies vary, but many hotels do not allow pets to be left unattended in the room.

Do Pet Friendly Hotels Allow Cats?

Yes, many pet-friendly hotels accommodate cats, but always confirm before booking.

Which Hilton Hotels Do Not Allow Pets?

Hilton’s pet policy varies by location and type of hotel, so it’s best to check with the specific hotel prior to booking.

What Should I Do If My Pet Gets Sick During The Trip?

Seek immediate veterinary care. It’s advisable to have a list of emergency vet clinics along your route and at your destination.

Can I Bring My Pet On Public Transportation?

Policies vary widely depending on the city and type of transportation. Always check the specific regulations beforehand.

Are There Any Restrictions For Flying With A Pet?

Yes, airlines have specific regulations regarding breed, size, health certificate requirements, and crate specifications.

Do I Need To Make Special Arrangements For Traveling With Exotic Pets?

Yes, exotic pets often have specific travel requirements and legal restrictions. Check with both your vet and the relevant authorities.

What Should I Do If My Pet Gets Anxious While Traveling?

Try to keep them calm with familiar items, maintain their routine as much as possible, and consult your vet about potential anxiety medications.

Are There Any Specific Regulations For International Travel With Pets?

Countries have different pet importation regulations, including specific vaccination and quarantine requirements. Check with the destination country’s consulate or embassy.

How Can I Make The Traveling Experience More Comfortable For My Pet?

Maintain their routine, bring familiar items, make frequent stops for exercise and breaks, and ensure they’re secure and comfortable during the journey.

Resources for Pet-Friendly Travel

If you’re still unsure about pet-friendly activities and accommodations for your upcoming trip, plenty of resources are available to help you plan.

Here are a few articles that can provide some guidance and inspiration:

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So, ready to book your pet friendly destination? Check out the hotels here!

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