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The 9 Cheap Motels in Boston to Stay in 2023

The 9 Cheap Motels in Boston to Stay in 2023

The capital and largest city of Massachusetts with strong art culture, Boston, is named after a town in England and goes by nicknames such as The City on Hill, The Puritan City, the Athens of America…

From Getting the experience of the unique and rich history of this city to its zestful waterfront, top cultural venues, Art and culture scenes, museums, theaters, and cultural centers, Boston is a phenomenal city to visit.

Famous for having the very first chocolate factory in the US, Boston is home to 35 universities and has a great reputation for getting higher education.

24 hours are just enough to experience many of the mesmerizing highlights of this state capital with an Ocean coastline.

If you are next planning to enjoy the lively nights of Boston, and looking for cheap motels to stay in an expensive city of Boston, then this blog will help you find cheap and best motels.

Let’s discuss the details of cheap motels in Boston to make your stay memorable and worthwhile.

Infographic image showing The 9 Cheap Motels in Boston to Stay in 2023
Hotel NamePriceBook Now
Boston Monadnock Properties$179Book Now
The Revolution Hotel$269Book Now
Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport$269Book Now
Seaport Hotel Boston$278Book Now
The Inn at Longwood Medical$286Book Now
The Westin Boston Seaport District$289Book Now
Boston Omni Parker House Hotel$292Book Now
Holiday Inn Express Boston$296Book Now
Harborside Inn$299Book Now
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Boston$303Book Now

Boston Monadnock Properties – $179

Boston Monadnock Properties
Boston Monadnock Properties

The Boston Monadnock Properties is an amazing hotel located near the heart of downtown Boston.

With its myriad of amenities and luxurious accommodations, you can enjoy a peaceful stay with all the conveniences of modern living.

The hotel offers comfortable rooms and suites designed to meet your individual needs, as well as a restaurant and bar where you can relax after a long day. In addition, there are plenty of attractions nearby such as historic sites, shopping centers, and entertainment venues.

The hotel also provides easy access to public transportation so you can quickly get around the city and explore all Boston has to offer.

Booking a stay at the Boston Monadnock Properties is an excellent way to experience all that this great city has to offer. With its convenient location, luxurious amenities, and reasonable rates, it’s the perfect spot to rest and enjoy your time in Boston.

The Revolution Hotel – $269

The Revolution Hotel
The Revolution Hotel

For a great experience and satisfaction, amenities in a motel are very crucial. Well-maintained facilities make the stay more enjoyable. Funky decoration with a comfortable, clean room with four beds makes your night stay convenient in The Revolution Hotel. With a strong reputation in hospitality, they offer a friendly atmosphere.

Although rooms don’t have separate bathrooms. This is not a thing to be worried about because bathrooms are just across the hall and all guests are provided with a separate bag having toiletries, towel especially slippers that helps you move between the bathroom and the room. Pets are allowed and charges may apply.

With excellent verified guest ratings, it is a great hotel for families because all the shopping malls, parks, and restaurants are near at hand. A great business center for business travelers. Initially, it seems an expensive hotel but the comforts they offer make your stay worthwhile.

Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport – $269

Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport
Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport

Free transfer services by a hotel are a great advantage for guests, especially for new visitors. From the hotel’s viewpoint, providing free shuttle service to points of interest, airports or any destinations is a great benefit for the tourists. This motel offers a free airport shuttle and free wifi. If you are the one who is visiting Boston for the first time, then this service saves your time and money. You can easily find the location without any internet issues and get the place of your interest, making your visit stress free.

The front desk is very welcoming. They are ready 24 hours to guide you. Staff with exceptional customer service skills is amazing. They fulfill their duties properly. They treat you in a friendly and professional way.

A pet-verified motel with great amenities at reasonable charges makes your stay pleasant.

Seaport Hotel Boston – $278

Seaport Hotel Boston
Seaport Hotel Boston

If you are a bike lover and want to enjoy and explore Boston on your favorite ride then you are at the right place. This hotel offers you free bikes to visit nearby places for a great satisfactory and healthy travel experience. This cost-effective option saves money and time on other rental transportation.

Smiles on the face of staff make you feel good. Spacious and amazing rooms with large windows give you a beautiful view of the city and a complimentary offer to choose pillows of your type to make your sleep cheerful.

Pets are allowed. Charges may apply. After check out, they also offer locker rooms in the gym area to get ready for the flight. There is also a bus stop, providing quick and cheap transportation. It is a great stay with children because of the easy reachability to the children’s museum, play, and parks.

The Inn at Longwood Medical – $286

The Inn at Longwood Medical
The Inn at Longwood Medical

Location is a very important factor when you’re looking for a hotel. Easy accessibility to popular locations, parks, plays, restaurants, shopping malls, landmarks, and cultural sites allow guests to make trips without wasting most of their time on transportation. You spend quality time exploring the city instead of wasting money in finding the location and stressing about it. So The Inn at Longwood Motel offers you a great location for just $286 per night. 

This hotel is very close to the hospital. In case of an emergency, you can easily get access to medical care. This motel itself offers wheelchairs for disabled guests. So you can take a walk in the hotel and easily get food from the food court.

This hotel is not pet verified so not a good choice for pet lovers but their wonderful amenities such as free wifi, meeting facilities, fitness center, comfortable rooms, and welcoming staff make your visit unique and memorable. 

The Westin Boston Seaport District – $289

The Westin Boston Seaport District
The Westin Boston Seaport District

For a great travel experience and to explore the city, one thing is very important that is Happy sleep. A hotel with comfy rooms contributes to your mental and physical relaxation. This motel prioritizes the comforts of the rooms so guests can relax after travel or activities. You can enjoy restful sleep at night and get up with mental and physical wellness. 

The atmosphere is very friendly. They offer complimentary coupons so you can spend happy hours in pubs and restaurants with a choice of spirits, wine, and craft beers. City bars are best for socializing. Pets are allowed and charges may apply.

On-site Starbucks, nearness to the silver lining station, and the convention center, beautiful view from the room contribute to guest satisfaction and an enjoyable entire stay. A great hotel with exceptional services makes you feel at home. 

Boston Omni Parker House Hotel – $292

Boston Omni Parker House Hotel
Boston Omni Parker House Hotel

For people who want to visit the whole city but due to lack of time, it seems difficult, then this motel is the best time-saving place to stay. All the popular attractions are near at hand. Proximity to all places enhances convenience and accessibility for the guest. Everything is within walking distance like restaurants, popular attractions, parks, etc 

It is one of the old schools hotels. Some hallways and certain facilities need some renovation but overall they keep everything clean and in the best condition. The staff is awesome and welcomes you courageously. If you are a history lover and want to know the history of this motel, the staff give you a complete briefing about the details of this hotel.

Children are welcome with a backpack full of games and activities. If you’re staying with your children, then they will enjoy their stay there. A pet-verified hotel with a great location.

Holiday Inn Express Boston -$296

Holiday Inn Express Boston
Holiday Inn Express Boston

Are you a health and hygiene-conscious traveler? then you are at the right place.

Cleanliness is a very crucial factor for health-conscious guests when they are looking for a hotel to stay in because Cleanliness enhances mental health and reduces stress. Holiday Inn Express Boston is a Clutter-free hotel with regular cleaning and sanitation practices.

Business travelers can properly focus on their work because everything is clean and organized, creating a favorable environment for focused work without any distractions. The best business center for business travelers.

For a healthy start, and to break fast from last night’s sleep, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This motel offers a free hot breakfast, giving you free fuel for the day. An amazing hotel with great and professional staff but this is not a pet verified motel.

Harborside Inn – $299

Harborside Inn
Harborside Inn

One of the Best and Cheap Motels in Boston, The attentive and welcoming front desk is the cornerstone of this hotel, named Harborside Inn. you can check in whenever you reach there. They are available 24 hours and answer all your questions. You can get a room right away without waiting and wasting time. 

Knowledgeable and trained staff give a complete briefing about the opportunities they offer and additional services. They assist new visitors and provide complete info about the popular attractions nearby. They offer your services to save you from any kind of inconvenience.

Great downtown location near the waterfront and subway. You can easily visit aquariums, historical landmarks, and duck boat tours which are within walking distance. Many restaurants and shops are nearby. You can reach your point of interest without any hassle. It saves time and effort to find attractions and popular places.

Rooms are comfortable and non-allergic. The atmosphere is very clean and healthy. You can easily access healthcare professionals. This hotel is not pet verified but overall it is a very quiet hotel.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Boston – $303

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Boston
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Boston

The recently built modern hotel has a very good overall guest score featuring free shuttles. You can visit hardware square and Boston’s city center by using their shuttle service. The text feature is present in their shuttles to accommodate their guests. They have many shuttles. you can easily get a shuttle without any inconvenience and wasting time.

A great hotel for children because there is a huge playground and pool where they spend happy hours. You can use the elevator and reach its 15th floor and enjoy the beautiful view of Boston. It is an amazing experience to stay and see from its 15th floor.

Right on the river but still all places are within walking distance. Restaurants and bars are a little expensive but you have the option to opt for local shops. This is not a pet-verified hotel but from the front desk to the cleaner, everyone is performing their duties very well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Cheap Motels in Boston

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Stay Near Boston?

The most affordable places to stay near Boston are Needham, Lexington, Waltham, etc.  

How Much Does The Average Hotel Cost Per Night In Boston?

The average cost per night in Boston is $296 but prices can vary according to the location and amenities.

Why Are Boston Hotels So Expensive Right Now?

Boston is popular as a tourist destination and business center. Most rates rise in October because of the high demand for rooms.

Is Boston Hotels More Expensive Than New York?

Yes, Boston hotels are as expensive as New York.

Final Verdict: Cheap Motels in Boston

Well-maintenance and the services of the above-discussed hotels set them apart from their competitors. They have a positive and highest rating in hospitality. From increasing guest satisfaction to building their loyalty, these motels contribute to the overall travel experience.

Book your favorite motel according to your choice, point of interest, and need. LET’S BEGIN AND EXPLORE THE WORLD.

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