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The 12 Cheap Motels in Austin in 2023

The 12 Cheap Motels in Austin in 2023

Greetings from the mesmerizing days and barbecue nights of Austin!

It is said that when you get closer to Austin, you feel freedom and you can’t escape yourself from the Music. Is that true?

Yes, the fourth largest city in Texas, Austin with its vibrant culture and art, inspiring restaurants offering appealing diversity of cuisines, parks, and lakes, famous for swimming, boating, biking, and hiking also offers a musical experience for every taste. With its hundreds of live music venues and music festivals, Austin is known as THE LIVE MUSICAL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. 

If you are planning a unique trip to Austin, want to spend nights creating your soundtracks in musical concerts, and days exploring this hill-bordering region then it is hard to pick and choose a hotel that is close to the mesmerizing events of Austin.

So in this blog, we discussed the 12 cheap motels in Austin in 2023 for your convenience. We will also try to give you some suggestions on $300 a month motel with kitchenette in austin.

Let’s dive into the details of these motels.

Hotel (Cheap Motels in Austin)PriceBook Now
The Mariposa Wing B by Lodgewell (Lowest and Cheapest Motel in Austin)$96Book Now
Tarrytown Vintage Vibes The Norwalk by Lodgewell (Good Cheap Motels in Austin) $101Book Now
Homewood Suites By Hilton (Fair Cheap Motels in Austin)$163Book Now
Heywood Hotel (Very good for: Austin Cheap Motels)$211Book Now
Park Lane Guest House (Motels in Austin GOOD)$309Book Now
Littlefield Lofts #504 (Trendy Motel in Austin)$202Book Now
Architectural Dream in Trendy East Austin (Lavish Motels in Austin)$297Book Now
Residence Inn by Marriott Austin Southwest (Best for Cheap Motels Near me)$169Book Now
Archer Hotel Austin (Luxury Austin Motel)$269Book Now
Littlefield Lofts #507 (Motels in Austin Expensive)$202Book Now
Hotel ZaZa Austin (Most Expensive Austin Motels)$331Book Now
Hotel Saint Cecilia (Best Motels in Austin)$529Book Now
Cheap Austin Hotels, Cheap Motels in Austin

The Mariposa Wing B by Lodgewell – $96

The cheapest motel in austin is The Mariposa Wing B by Lodgewell. It is located in a quiet residential area. Easy access to the city, Starbucks, and Dennys in a short Uber ride. They offer to save money by signing in at their website and getting 10 % off or more. This holiday home offers rooms with two beds, a TV, and a kitchen with all utensils to enjoy snacks and cook food. You can get BBQ facilities as well as a baby safety gate.

Styling, decorating, and keyless entry of the motel with proximity to S congress, you will love the spacious and beautiful garden area, providing fresh air. It enhances the peaceful and relaxing environment for guests. They offer outdoor activities and recreational opportunities which attract the visitors to this motel. A pet-verified hotel with free wifi and free parking just for $96.

Cheap Austin Motels under 50

Tarrytown Vintage Vibes The Norwalk by Lodgewell – $101

This pet-verified hotel with the highest guest rating, is located near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport It is a nice, safe, and comfortable place to stay. All the apartments are roomy with a comfortable feel. Well-furnished apartments with beautiful decor give you the comfort of home. This is the best place for all your plans like driving, biking, scooting, etc. There is plenty of space in a comfy living space to read, work, watch TV, etc. 

English and Spanish-speaking front desk give you a warm welcome. Professional and courteous staff enhance your experience in Austin. With a 24-hour email return policy, online booking, a welcome packet, flexible check-in hours, and professional cleaning, this motel offers a 10% genius discount, you need to sign in to the account.

cheap Hotel Near me Austin

Homewood Suites By Hilton – $163

This motel is an excellent opportunity for guests to pursue their activities routine while staying in a hotel. You will love the activities to do inside and outside the hotel. From playing mini golf and basketball to doing outdoor hiking, this hotel enhances the guest experience. 

If you check in late at night, you will find their staff fresh, performing their duties very well, and giving you a warm welcome. Pets are allowed and charges may apply.

A quiet place with a nice location, you will enjoy your night’s sleep without any distractions. You will love to stay here again and again. The kitchen staff is very kind and serves a free and tasty breakfast with waffles, beautifully decorated with fruits, and also offers a free lunch that makes your stay awesome. Overall they provide everything to their guest to make their stay worthwhile.

Cheap Motels in my area

Heywood Hotel – $211

When you are traveling in your conveyance, then parking is an important factor when choosing a hotel. If you are a business traveler, then easy accessibility to parking is mandatory. 

Based on the excellent verified guest rating, this motel offers free parking, making your arrival and departure experience convenient. You can park your belongings safely. Their well-managed and well-maintained parking area makes your stay hassle-free and creates a positive impression on you.

They offer a rejuvenating and clean atmosphere so you can get better sleep, promoting the well-being of their guest. Comfortable and non-allergic rooms with a balcony, soft beds, and all the essential amenities in a room create a positive impression on the guests. This is not a pet-verified hotel but Investing $211 for a night makes your stay incredible.

Austin Motels Cheap

Park Lane Guest House – $309

One thing we miss so much when we’re traveling is homemade food.  If you are getting bored of outside food and missing your homemade food, then book this hotel right now and feel at home. This motel offers homemade vegetarian food. These vegetables are grown on the property and in the surroundings and are especially looked after by their staff members. A fresh and clean homemade vegetarian breakfast makes your morning wonderful and evokes a sense of nostalgia. For homemade food lovers, this motel is a great option to stay in, dining in their restaurants and satisfying your craving is a great experience.

This accommodation is a little cozy but live oak trees, birds chirping, a pool with a shower and a beautiful seating area covered with the limbs of old trees seem fabulous. A pet-verified hotel with two cute dogs welcomes you every morning for breakfast. Overall the owner made this hotel spacious to keep this property hustle-free and put a great effort into keeping everything in good condition.

Austin Hotels Cheap

Littlefield Lofts #504 – $202

Mostly when you are a family with children, then you look for spacious rooms when choosing a hotel so you can easily manage and sleep properly at night, if you are the one who is traveling with your family and looking for large rooms to stay in a hotel, then this motel offers you many accommodation options according to your choice. They offer large apartments, providing you spacious and home-like environment. You can relax, enjoy a happy sleep, and cook food of your choice in the kitchen that is separately provided in each apartment. For long-term stays and even for the solo traveler, it is a great option to opt for.

Pets are allowed and charges may apply. This motel offers all the thoughtful amenities to make your stay valuable. Private parking and recreational opportunities encourage longer stays and create a good impression on you.

Austin Cheap Monthly Motels

Architectural Dream in Trendy East Austin – $297

Apartments are mostly preferred by the guests as they offer a private space for temporary stays. People who love to live privately and independently prefer apartments. This motel in Austin offers comfortable apartments, provided with all the amenities like a kitchen, and living areas. Living in these apartments you feel at home. You don’t need to wait for staff to help you bring things as everything is present in the apartment. You experience this stay like residents.

You can party and enjoy booming music till 6 a.m. on Sunday at the bar across the street. Hip coffee shop, wine bar, book shop, and everything we wanted is near at hand. The staff is amazing and accommodating. Easy accessibility to the food which is within walking distance.

If you have any problem in the hotel, they give you a proper response. Pets are allowed and charges may apply. You can get 10% off or more when you sign in at this property.

Cheap Motels in Austin With Free Breakfast

Residence Inn by Marriott Austin Southwest -$16

This cheap hotel offers a vast range of amenities with many free perks for just $169 per night stay. With beautiful decor and excellent functionality, each room is efficiently laid out with high-end finishes. Equipped with all basic amenities, each room is spacious and comfortable with excellent design and perfect for 4 adults. There is a separate kitchen equipped with all suits. You can make snacks and food.

From enjoying the American, vegetarian, and vegan hot free breakfast, properly wrapped in foil to make the refreshing dips in the pool, your adventurous spirit will remain alive throughout this amazing and worthwhile stay. Best accommodation for pets. Staff members are gems. They are super cool and calm. If you are making multiple reservations at a time, they deal with you properly and answer all your queries.

Austin's Best Cheap Motels Near me

Archer Hotel Austin – $269

With its beautiful design and architecture, this motel is located in a well-regarded neighborhood with the most convenient location which is very important for the guests because mostly they prefer convenient locations when booking decisions are made. This motel offers convenience and reachability to popular attractions, transportation, local shops, restaurants, and business centers. This easy accessibility contributes to customer safety and feelings of peace.

All the staff members working at the mini bar, pool, or front desk are decent and cool. Your interaction with them impresses you so much. They exceed your expectations. Their warm welcome makes you feel comfortable. Rooms are best for families with kids. Kids are welcome with a toy.

Pets are allowed and charges may apply. Prices are higher in comparison to other nearby hotels but your experience of staying there makes you realize that your decision is worthwhile.

Good Motels in Austin Near me

Littlefield Lofts #507 – $202

This motel is in the real heart of Austin with a location score of 9.8. Proximity to everything in the downtown, this hotel has a surprisingly great location. They offer spacious apartments with comfortable beds and pillows. There is a kitchen with all the utensils. Equipped with all the suits,  they also offer a terrace for the best view. So the best place to live for long-term stays and families visiting Austin. 

This hotel needs renovation, and many of the things need to be fixed but for good and environmental social impact, they are taking many steps for sustainable stay. The staff especially the front desk is very attentive and knowledgeable, providing you with complete information about the accommodation options. They also guide you in the selection of rooms. Private parking is available on-site. You can stay without worrying about the safety of your conveyance. Pets are allowed and charges may apply.

Cheap Hotels in Austin

Hotel ZaZa Austin – $331

This pet-verified motel is exceptional in comparison to all the other hotels in this area. You will love the way they treat you when you first drive in. They open doors for you and offer you to carry your luggage. The front desk with smiles on their face welcomes you most decently. Help you and guide you properly in selecting the room. With the comfort and cleanliness of the room and with the quality of all the products and amenities, this is the best hotel to stay in.

All services are great but valet service and ride service within 3 miles saves a lot of your time and money. You can enjoy the service without any inconvenience. The pool, spa, and delivery service are great. You can party late at night and enjoy food at reasonable charges. They serve you a hot and great breakfast with fast service. You enjoy your morning coffee looking over the pool. 

This hotel has modern and luxury products. With exceptional views and services beyond your expectations, you will visit ZaZa again.  

Best Austin Motel Near Me

Hotel Saint Cecilia -$529

Amazing place to stay in Austin, this motel is in the garden, providing you peaceful retreat, good air quality, and promoting mental well-being. This motel is best for the people who are close to the beauty of nature. Surrounded by a nice neighborhood, this is a 5-star hotel. This charming and luxurious hotel provides you unique and calming atmosphere. 

For book lovers, they offer a library with easy access to all books. The front desk is available 24 hours and the man at the front desk is very helpful and attentive and also gives an offer to carry your things. A balcony with a fan is a nice idea. Guests can spend happy hours enjoying the view of the city. This accommodation is beautiful with peaceful seating. Rooms are spacious. The beds and pillows are super comfortable.

With a great location, quiet and relaxing pools to chill at, a classy lounge and patio, and an amazing front view of the downtown skyline, this is a unique and boutique hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Live In Austin?

One of the cheapest places to live in Austin is  Parker Lane.

Why Is Austin So Expensive To Stay In?

Austin is an expensive city to stay in because of the annual property taxes or may be due to short-live events.

How To Live In Austin On A Budget?

Living close to your job, sharing your space with other family, eating at food carts, etc are some of the tips to live in Austin on a budget.

What Is The Safest Part Of Austin To Live?

The safest place in Austin to live is a family-friendly Rosedale.

Final Verdict on Cheap Motels in Austin

When choosing a hotel, popular choices of guests are the location for easy accessibility to all nearby points of interest, amenities for their peaceful and stress-free stay, comfortable rooms for a happy night’s sleep, good customer service so if they face any problem, they get the solution immediately and safe and sound parking. All the above-mentioned motels offer all the services depending upon your preferences. Book your hotel on what you value most and make your stay incredible.

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